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Chasing The Paradise


Did you know that there are so many beautiful places in the world are still unknown for tourists? As I came to check some of tourists destination in a southern part of Latin America. I got interested in this town called Primavera Do Leste. It is such a wonderful municipality of Nacto Grosso located in the central west region of Brazil. I couldn’t believe that this small area has so much interesting and amazing recreational places you can unwind, relax eat and enjoy yourself being free and safe. People are friendly, nice and helpful. I was also being amazed by how citizens taking care of their environment properly. They help each other to make their town look marvellous even though it is not as famous as Paris or Rome.

Primavera Do Leste Brazil


I got a chance to ask one of them who is in charge to look after the reserved area how they can easily manage their place to be peaceful, clean and safe for tourists. He says” We help each other to maintain our beautiful town safe and peaceful. Everyone has a responsibility to follow the rules and law of our municipality for good. As simple as that, so as a result there are no chaos or major problems will happen, you know we are chasing the paradise not to destroy but to preserve and take care of this wonderful place we have! He added.


Primavera Do Leste, Brazil


I wonder why I fell in love with this captivating view! Nothing compares of such a magnificent place that took my breath away. Far from the modern city life but the peaceful ambiance of what I had experience totally heal my body and mind from the stressful life in the city. In addition to that, there are available local restaurants near the town which you can try to taste their delicious meals which are worth the price. I know Brazillian food are really delicious, you will keep coming back once you taste their yummy dessert and chocolate cakes. Come and visit the beautiful town of Primavera Do Leste and enjoy chasing the paradise.

Chasing The Paradise

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