Why I Love You


Others  have survived doomed love relationship and so can I?

It is sad not to be loved, but it is much sadder not to be able to love. And yet what could be more crushing than to be inlove with someone who is either not inlove with you, or who simply doesn’t have the skills necessary  for a healthy  relationship? Either case is a self- esteem killer. No matter how hard you try  to take care of yourself, or you work your program, one way love is a misery as long  it lasts. It hurts to reach out someone who won’t or  can’t reach back. Even if we know the loved one’s chemical use or other unattended emotional impairment is the real reason behind the rejection- it’s still rejection and it hurts us emotionally deep within. If we rightfully say it’s his problem. It is still our pain that we have to deal with.

Depending on the situation,what can and must be done varies greatly.  What does vary is the sad fact that we can’t make somebody  else love us, no matter how patience we are. No matter how many extra miles we’re willing to go, if  the other  won’t move an inch. The relationship  won’t move an inch either. Until we can accept that and achieve some detachment, we’ll be stuck right where we are.


~ To be continued ~


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