Healthy Vegetable Salad


When it comes to green leafy vegetables, I myself love to add up a  healthy veggie salad like this. Why? Because it is really delicious and good for our health as well. Researchers found out that, the more we eat green leafy vegetables a day helps cleans up 80 percents of our solid toxic and waste in our intestines which clog the normal digestion of our digestive system. Leafy vegetables are also typically low in calories and fat, and high in protein. Others are rich in fibers, vitamin C, K, folate, and manganese which help to keep our body healthy. It is also a great help to keep our skin glowing. In addition to that, eating in a healthy way can add the possibilities of getting a healthy long life.

Here is the list of green leafy vegetables which are really good for our health.

Lettuce                • Kale                  •  Collard Greens            • Broccoli                 • Chard

• Spinach               • Celery              •  Garden Asparagus      • Lollo Rossa           • Curled Endive


So what are you waiting for? Start adding a delicious vegetable salad to your meal every day. You can choose any kind of vegetable on the list to boost your appetite. You will love once you start to devour the yummy taste of it. Plus, you will notice the improvement of your skin. Starts eating healthy vegetable salad as a daily part of your meal. Enjoy a healthier, lovelier life.

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