Becoming Who You Are Meant To Be

 Self – growth is not a goal you are doing by chance, it is a choice you are working with faith.



So much of what I have learned from the people I asked was about how to embrace yourself — your scars, freckles, warts and all. They all knew that the less time and energy they gave you to worry about what other people think, or comparing themselves with others, the more their self-esteem grew. I remember all the time I spent in college trying to impress the wrong people, worry a gorgeous football player who didn’t like a nerdy girl, wishing that I looked different and generally not accepting myself for who I was. I had a handful friend from high school and college who I am still close and talk about all the time. But to tell you honestly when I say that you will never see most of those people from high school again – except maybe at your class reunion. Years from now, it won’t matter what the popular boys/ girls thought of you. You will one day laugh about a guy who dumped you. And you will able to see clearly that what advertisement/ media says is a perfect pure fantasy and most women don’t or shouldn’t look that way. What will matters years from now is that you have dreamed big and believed that anything is possible for you? Just do it in the right way today and for the rest of your life.

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