Ten Important Practices To Have A Healthy, Happier Life.

The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of it everyday.


Ten Important Practices To Have A Healthy, Happier Life


She smiled at me saying, you are a thousand times happier than any living human being in this world when you learn how to appreciate every little blessing. I asked her few questions about how does she manage her life of being alone without the help of her immediate families. According to her experiences, It is easy to be happy if we know how to manage our life by practicing the right things that make us feel good for ourselves. We need to connect with other people who are open-minded, understanding and have a positive point of view in life. And she is absolutely right! Why do we complicate ourselves to please others when they don’t appreciate our worth? The moment we come out in our mother’s womb, the journey begins. Our body, souls, and mind start to generate, learning every basic thing we hear, smell, taste, and feel.

As we grow, we learn further details about how to solve simple problems with the help of our parents. They are the first teacher who taught us good manners and right conduct at home. What we had acquired and learned from them will serve as the pillars of our successful career in life. But sometimes it doesn’t happen because we are too busy of investing our time in earthly things. We forgot to include the basic necessities in our goals because its no longer appealing to our needs, aiming high and competing to everybody on everything like personality development, beauty, educational background, skills, talents, and financial status. All these will definitely give us stress and eventually we will live in a world of ingenuity. Our stressful life will never end, making us unhappy also bring ourselves into a deep chaotic self-deteriorating depression. We don’t need that. We should not allow it to happen for as long we combined and take an action together with the important practices that will lead us to have a healthy, happier life, then we will.

In this article, there are ten important practices you should do to have a healthy, happier life.


1.Self-Acceptance: Many of our problems with self – acceptance comes from the inability to reconcile who we are as compared with the idealized dreams of our youth. Perhaps you dreamed to be a famous public profile, rockstar, or a billionaire having a perfect husband or wife but you failed to achieve it. Well, that’s life! If your dreams didn’t work out, learn to accept your failures wholeheartedly, switch your interest to do something that makes you happy and move on to the next challenging part of your life. Use your past as your learning strategy not to fail but become wise, knowledgeable and confident in choosing your new plans for your new career.


Self- Acceptance


2Do What You Love: If you have skills and talents that you love to do every day, then do it. If you love writing short stories, painting, cooking, organizing things, fashion designing, gardening etc. Don’t put it aside, instead make it as your profession. Sometimes you are not aware that your hobbies are your happiness and self – satisfaction. Switch your interest by doing what you love. You’ll never know these are you’re the hidden gems that will help you reach your dreams and aspirations. Give it a try.

Do What You Love

3. Smile More: I understand life is hard. You’ve got loaded of problems at work, you’ve lost your job, there are lots of bills to pay, you are financially broken. Find ways to make an extra income. Don’t give up. Be realistic and open-minded because you’re not the only one suffering huge trials in life. There are people out there doesn’t have food to eat, no shelter to live, no clothes to wear but they still are fighting to live because for them life is full of hope. Bring back the happy person you are. Give smile to every person you meet on the bus, at your work and as well to your family. In the long run, it will bring a positive energy to your life.


Smile More


4Be Thankful: Everyday is an open luck of opportunities. Think of every little thing you received. You are healthy and still alive, have some food to eat and the most important thing is you have a family who cares for you. Be thankful and count your blessings. You will realize that you are still blessed by God.

5: Get Enough Sleep: Prior to a healthy mind and body is getting a good sleep. You should get enough sleep to rest and relax your exhausted body and mind from work. This will help to regenerate the energy of your body back to normal.

6Find Ways To Manage Stress: Life is full of stress but it doesn’t mean you will not fight to overcome it yourself. In order to manage your stress from heavily loaded of work, family misunderstanding, financial problems and other related cases that affects you emotionally, give yourself a break. Relax for a moment and list down the things that you can find solutions to solve the problems. Manage your time properly for every activity you are into. Connect to the people with positive attitudes and leave those negative people who put you down. They will never do good things to you only bad luck.


Find Ways To Manage Stress


7. Eat Healthy Food: Eating healthy food is very important to keep your body healthy and strong. Having a proper balance diet will maintain the good distribution of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins needed of your body. If you are eating healthy food, you will gain a healthy mind as well.


Eat Healthy Food


8. Be Yourself: There is nothing better and feel comfortable than anyone else in this world when you are being true to yourself. This is necessary to build up your talents and abilities by doing the right move. Don’t pretend and act like you are the smartest, beautiful, and successful person in the world. You don’t need to pretend to please everybody. People will appreciate your worth and they value your efforts if you are being true to yourself. Leave the mask in your life. True people sparkle in the crowd because of their genuine personality.

9. Unwind: Unwinding is a healthy way that will help yourself to avoid stress. It also brings self-fulfillment and mindful meditation as you unwind yourself once in awhile. Don’t overwork yourself for the job you are into. Give yourself a chance to relax, take a deep breath, go for a walk with your loved one or visit some places you love most.




10Have Faith In God:  As a Christian believer, I always find true happiness and fulfillment in life as I started to connect with him. I have this feeling of contentment, worth, and peace of mind because I truly value the life he has given to me. Like everyone else, I’m not a perfect person, I also had a bad experienced before but I didn’t give up instead I pulled myself back to being me even far better. Connect with him through prayers. In everything you do, believe that anything is possible within your reach once you believe that God has his power to change everything in a miraculous way. Nothing is impossible just work on it.

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