A Beautiful Day To Remember In Toronto

Toronto CN Tower


Who would love to visit a place which is safe to walk along the road without thinking of being harassed or threatened? Being a writer and a tourist, I used to love visiting beautiful places across the globe. I’d like to learn and embrace different culture, traditions, and belief because this is how you can easily connect with people. And if you know how to respect them they will do the same. Of course, sometimes other travel bloggers had a few bad experiences but most of them were just minor cases. For me, based on my own experiences, one of the safest places to visit is the Toronto area. Why? Because it is the safest place where you can walk along the sidewalk and enjoy taking pictures without anyone that will bother or threatened you. I remember last first week of July 2018, it was actually my husband 41st birthday, so we visited downtown Toronto with our little daughter. The weather was incredibly sunny and beautiful so we walked down the street until we had reached the harbour. It was busy that day because of lots of people going back and forth to the CN tower.


Toronto Central Island


One reason why I keep coming back to Toronto is the pleasant charm of the place itself and the people. They are friendly, respectful and unified. I saw how they treat each other in the crowd unlike in other countries I’ve visited before doesn’t have this kind of cultural diversity. Aside from that, there is a recreational place named Toronto Central Island. People go there by taking a Ferry boat to reach the island. For me, this is the best place to unwind, relax and do recreational activities, especially for families and couples. I’ve kept coming back here a couple of times every summer because of its enchanting view of the lake and the marvellous lights of the Toronto CN tower reflected on the lake at night time. It is also highly recommended for those who would like to have a picnic, go to the beach and watch the beautiful view of the sunset in the late afternoon.


Toronto Central Island


Also, the island has a tight security to maintain the safety of the place and its visitors. That is why lots of tourists from another province keep on coming back here. I highly recommend this place for those who wanted to witness the marvellous view of the CN tower at night at the island. It is also a memorable place where I and my husband first dated. It was a great day to remember though.

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