Sleep Is A Beautiful Thing        

     Did You Know That Getting Enough Sleep Will Give You A Longer Healthy Life?



Many of us think of sleep as a time when our bodies switch off. Yet new research reveals a hive of activity starts up as we drift off. The findings shine a new light on why shut-eye is so vital. In a modern life, sleep can seem an inconvenience, a series of lost, empty, dead hours during which we could be doing important activities — cramming more work, experiences and chores into our already busy lives. We know we need it and yet we resist it for as long as possible, artificially stimulating ourselves with caffeine, sugar, and flickering screens.

We always torturing ourselves. One more Tv programme, one more lot of ironing, one more email, until we pass out from exhaustion or lie frustrated in bed, a rapid fire of worries and swirling thoughts keeping us awake even longer than we expected. By morning, we don’t want to get up because we’re too tired. Our bodies sleep but we need to get up to start another thing to do. So again we reach for a coffee and the cycle begins. As a consequence, many of us are not getting enough sleep. Absolutely we can get by or less even if we are yawning into the afternoon and grumpier than we would like to be. Yet what’s the real cost to our health? And why is sleep so important?



The consequence of not getting enough sleep go way beyond feelings of lethargy and sluggishness. It affects your ability to handle emotion—you will be a lot sensitive and volatile if you haven’t had enough sleep and it certainly affects your mental retention both your ability to make memories and retrieve them. The absolute necessity of sleep to sustain human life really becomes clear when you consider an extremely rare and tragic condition called fatal familial insomnia. Sufferers lose their ability to enter deep sleep. While the temptation to cheat on sleep has never been greater in a culture where we can do our groceries in the midnight and send emails at 3:00 am, it’s really a false economy. Not only you will probably be unproductive, inefficient, cranky, fat and sick— but there is probably strong evidence that you won’t live as long. If you sleep less than six hours at night, then you have got 35 to 40 percent increased the risk of dying prematurely ” In other words, that lost sleep  will catch you in the end. Think about it.

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